Lunch Menu


We keep it traditional. Each taco consists of two corn tortillas with your choice of succulent meat. Topped with cilantro and onions.

Carne Asada (grilled marinated steak) 3.75

Pollo Asado (marinated chicken) 3.25

Al Pastor (marinated pork) 3.50

Chorizo con Papa (with potatoes) 3.25

Vegan (zucchini blend, rice, beans) 3.75

Ranchero (spicy potatoes, beans, cotija cheese) 3.25

Add cheese .50

Add avocado .75


A Mexican sandwich on a telera roll with your choice of meat. Toppings: refried beans, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, avocado and Oaxaca (wah - HAW - kah) cheese.

Carne Asada (grilled marinated steak) 8

Pollo Asado (marinated chicken) 6.25

Al Pastor (marinated pork) 7

Chorizo con Papa (with potatoes) 6.25


A torta dipped in chile guajillo sauce (not spicy) and slightly fried. Filled with chorizo and potatoes and topped with sour cream, lettuce and queso fresco. 7.50


A savory slightly fried corn cake with your choice of meat:

Carne Asada (steak)   4.75

Pollo Asado (marinated chicken)   4.25

Al Pastor (marinated pork)   4.50

Chorizo u0026amp; Potatoes    4.25

Vegan      4

Toppings: Refried beans, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, queso fresco, avocado.


A twelve inch flour tortilla filled with melted Oaxaca cheese.

Oaxaca cheese   4.25

Add meat:

Carne Asada (grilled marinated steak)  6

Pollo Asado (grilled chicken)  5

Al Pastor (marinated pork)  5.50

Chorizo    5

Frida's Fiery Vegan Salad

Vegan pinto beans, spicy zucchini blend, vegan rice, red onions and avocado on a bed of fresh lettuce. 8


Carne Asada (grilled marinated steak)   10

Pollo Asado (grilled chicken)   9

On the side...

Rice  8oz. 2.50   12oz. 4

Beans    8 oz. 2.50   12oz.  4

Esquites (Mexican street corn)  8oz. 3    12oz.  5

Guacamole   8oz. 5   12oz.  7


Topo Chico Plain or Lime   2.25

Mexican Coke  2.25

Jarritos various flavors   2.25

Bottled Water   1